COVID-19: As this scheme is considered to be a critical infrastructure construction project, works which are necessary for the delivery of the project have been ongoing. These include walkover Ecological Surveys, Topographical Surveys, Archaeological Investigation and Ground Investigation works. Other aerial and ground surveys will also continue. Where access to private lands is required, Landowner’s will be contacted by phone in advance.

The Project Liaison Team are contactable by phone and email. Contact details are available on the Contact Us page of this website.
Latest News
  1. Public Realm Enhancement
    In tandem with the bypass project, Meath County Council Planning Department have also commissioned the preparation of a Public Realm Strategy for Slane which could be implemented once the N2 bypass is in place. The Public Realm Strategy will be placed on public display to invite public comments and RPS will take cognisance of the final strategy once it has been published by MCC Planning Department. The public display is due to commence in the next couple of months.

    The decision has been made by Meath County Council to include the design of the public realm improvements in the village as part of the N2 Slane Bypass Scheme to be brought forward for submission to An Board Pleanala for planning permission. The proposed scheme is now titled the “N2 Slane Bypass and Public Realm Enhancement Scheme”.

  2. Further Survey Works
    Additional topographical and utility surveys will be carried out in Slane within the coming weeks. The results of these surveys will inform the design of the Public Realm Enhancement.