Project Description

Meath County Council, in conjunction with Transport Infrastructure Ireland, are developing the N2 Slane Bypass and Public Realm Enhancement Scheme to improve road safety along the N2 through Slane village and to allow the village to thrive and develop without the current levels of vehicular congestion.

The N2 Slane Bypass and Public Realm Enhancement scheme will address a sub-standard section of the existing N2 National Primary Route. It also encompasses public realm enhancements, traffic management measures and works on the N51 between the proposed bypass and the centre of the village to further enhance community safety and wellbeing.

Aims of the Scheme

The N2 Slane Bypass and Public Realm Enhancement Scheme is a Multi-Modal Transport Solution, which addresses a range of Transport needs for the local community, businesses and visitors as well as those on the wider strategic road network. The key aims of the scheme are:

  • To enhance the village centre as a viable, vibrant and attractive location for people to live, work and visit by implementing the Public Realm Enhancement Scheme in the village.
  • To remove the existing ‘bottleneck’ at Slane from the national road network and thereby improving the overall efficiency of the network for enhanced regional and rural connectivity.
  • To provide a safer transport infrastructure in Slane and on the wider strategic road network.
  • To provide active travel connectivity locally and regionally through the provision of dedicated walkways and cycling routes for the benefit of both residents and visitors alike;
  • To improve environmental quality in Slane village, particularly with regard to air quality emissions, traffic noise and vibration emissions and levels of traffic.
  • Supporting the economy by providing businesses with access to a reliable and connected transport network.
  • Providing improved facilities for reliable and safer road-based public transport.
  • Supporting sustainable mobility through provision for electric charging infrastructure to encourage the use of electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions.

Latest News

An application for development consent has been submitted to An Bord Pleanála. Click here for further details.